Well, look at this! It’s a page where I’m supposed to tell information about myself!

…in third person. Whoops. Messed that up already. Let me try that again.

Timothy Ashford is an alien from a world far, far away. Don’t bother asking him where he’s from, because he won’t tell you and only state that his home planet sucks. When he got to Earth, he discovered that some of the things his kind do would be considered “superpowers” on Earth since humans seem to not be able to do the same things.

Even so, he doesn’t feel like being a superhero unless someone tries to twist his arm off about it. Villains suck and he doesn’t like dealing with them. Timothy prefers to stay at home and write and draw and ponder existence and try to figure out why humans keep looking at him so weirdly.

Also, to whoever it was who complained about the flying saucer in his backyard, Timothy doesn’t like you.

Everyone else is awesome.